Tempa di Zoè’s new project, Quattro Vigne – “four vineyards” – is founded on the work of four partners: the Campania winery Feudi di San Gregorio, Francesco Domini, Vincenzo D’Orta and Bruno De Conciliis.
They are united by the single goal of calling new attention to a land that is naturally excellent for wine: Cilento. This wine carries on the work begun by D’Orta and De Conciliis, now involving Feudi di San Gregorio and Francesco Domini, himself intimately tied to Cilento, the land of his birth.


The name Tempa di Zoè refers not only to a physical place; it is, above all, a declaration of intent.

“Tempa” is the word for the rolling hills of Cilento that stretch down to the sea from north to south.
Zoè is the Greek word for the essence of life, the universal principle common to the animal, vegetable and mineral worlds.


The vineyards, located in Torchiara, stretch over two hectares planted with Aglianico vines. “Zero” has been produced there since 1997, and in 2015 and 2016 the new Aglianico and Fiano vines were added for a total of about five hectares.
Zero is now made at Feudi, the same way as always: slightly dried grapes, spontaneous fermentation and ageing in wood.


Beginning in 2015, we have produced the first wine made entirely in Sorbo Serpico’s winery: Diciotto – which means “eighteen” – a Cilentan Aglianico to celebrate Zero’s having reached the age of majority.
With the 2016 harvest, a white wine was also made from Fiano grapes; “Asterìas” appeared in late 2017.
For now, the winery produces three wines, but aims to plant new vines in other parts of Cilento, to help this area achieve the interest it deserves.